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Adam / Greg (Partner)  Read >>
Adam / Greg (Partner)
Ten years and Adam has grown into a tall, handsome, intelligent young man. You would be proud of how well he is doing at UC Merced. We did have the one scare of the boy that went on the stabbing spree, but luckily Adam has no morning classes. It started in the classroom he would have been in two hours later but I believe you were watching over him and kept him safe. Close
Keith would be proud  / Adam &. Greg (Son and Partner )  Read >>
Keith would be proud  / Adam &. Greg (Son and Partner )

Keith would be proud.  Adam graduated with honors (4.17 GPS) four OUtstanding Achievement medals, got to wear a gold robe which only the top students get to wear, past all his AP tests and was ranked #26 out 489 students.

Now it is off to UC Merced.  It was his #1 choice.  BEAUTIFUL campus.  He will live in the dorms but he is close enough I can run down there if I need to.  Freshman are not allowed cars.

I won't be there to take care of things, so watch over him Keith.

🌈 Supreme Court ruling! 🌈  / Kim Swift (Sister)  Read >>
🌈 Supreme Court ruling! 🌈  / Kim Swift (Sister)
It didn't happen in your lifetime, but it did in mine!!! 🌈👍👍👍🌈 The final paragraph of the landmark Supreme Court ruling on Friday that declared that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy: "No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfilment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right." And so it is ordered Close
Condolences and warmest regards  / Greg Keeling (cousin)  Read >>
Condolences and warmest regards  / Greg Keeling (cousin)
Condolences and warmest regards from your Manchester, TN cousins. I only found this website today (of all days!). My grandfather, Malcolm H. Foster, was a brother of Ethel Lorene (Foster) Banks.
Greg Keeling Close
8 years....  / Kim Harder (Sister)  Read >>
8 years....  / Kim Harder (Sister)
Thanksgiving happen to fall on this very day, 8 years ago. November 24th, 2005. I will always remember that date. It was also the day my brother Keith, listened to.... not watched, due to being to weak to even open his eyes, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in his hospital bed. Klint asked him, "Do you want to watch the parade?" He shook his head yes, then took his last breath of life a few hours later..... I still miss him, every day and still find myself from time to time, thinking...,oh! I need to call Keith and tell him this....or that.... Then quickly remembering, I can't...... Given that he passed away on the day of being thankful, I know in my heart, I will one day be thankful there is a cure for the horrible disease that took him away, so very young...... Until that day, I will continue my plan, which is to promote, and remind people of awareness, "Until It's Over" The next World AIDS Day is 1 December 2013 Love and miss you Keith, every day..... Close
Eight years  / Greg And Adam (Partner and Son )  Read >>
Eight years  / Greg And Adam (Partner and Son )

It is impossible to believe that it was eight years ago today that you left this world and left behind your pain and suffering.  Adam was only 8 yrs old then and you should be so proud of his accomplishments.  An honor student with a 4.17 GPA, two academic medals for perfect scores on the state standardized tests, he made it to sub sections again this year in cross country and won the Glory Award. It is an award given to a passed cc runner who lost his life.  The team votes for the one member they feel have the spirit and heart that embraces David and the sport.

He is strongest in all math courses, which of course comes from you and loves electrical gadgets and tools.  Again which comes from you.

Our prayers are with you.


"Calling all Angels"  / Kim (Sister)  Read >>
"Calling all Angels"  / Kim (Sister)
Keith, please be with Dad tomorrow as he goes through open heart surgery. And help me with the strength to be strong for him! Love and as always, miss you every single day! Close
Adam is amazing  / Greg &. Adam (Partner and son )  Read >>
Adam is amazing  / Greg &. Adam (Partner and son )

Was thinking of you today and so decided to tell you about how great Adam is doing.  All As last year, including his honors class. 4.20 GPA. Named student of the month for Feb. for the characteristic of "Fairness."  Qualified for sub-sections in cross country and championships in track.  Got another perfect 600 on the biology STAR test (state) test.  Means a second acdemic medal to wear at graduation.  Made CSF for the forth Semester.  One more next year and one his senior year and he will graduate with honors.

Was elected treasure of Interact Club.  We visited UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz this summer.  Been up to Santa Cruz twice before but they took us on a total tour.  We also be looking into UC Santa Barbara and Cal Poy San Luis, UCLA and perhaps Standford.  Right now UC Santa Cruz is top of the list.  We have been over there every summer for eight years and he feels comfortable with the campus and the town.

Please continute to guide him in the correct way.  Never imagined he would accomplish what he has.  Can't believe he is going to be a junior and ranked 35 out of 551 students.  He is amazing and you should be so proud.

Seven years...  / Kim Harder (Sister)  Read >>
Seven years...  / Kim Harder (Sister)

Seven years ago, today, you left us, but your memory will remain with me, forever. I have noticed, as the years pass, the things that used to stop me in my tracks, like the scent of his cologne, drifting in the air, as someone close by must be wearing it. Catching a glimpse of him on the faces of the people I pass on the sidewalk. Hearing his favorite songs on the radio, these things used to bring tears to my eyes, but now, I notice they bring a smile to my face. Yes he is gone and yes I still miss him, everyday. But these simple things, sights, smells and sounds, help me to remember him and I cherish those moments every time they happen!


I miss you, and Mom

Thinking of you  / Greg And Adam (Partner and son )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Greg And Adam (Partner and son )

Just thinking of you today and wanted to write.  Mary's father passed away two weeks ago and went to his services.  He is close to you and dad and it was hard to see Mary going through her grief and being by both of you.  I brought flowers and spent time with you both.

Adam is doing so great. Just about done with being a freshman already.  Still holding a 3.83 GPA, got and "Outstanding Achievment Award" for Algebra I at the awards the other night, holds the JV record for the mile in track, is now running the 800 as well, his tech teacher is guiding him into engineering as he thinks he is a natrual and has made CSF.  He is growing into a truly intelligent, successful young man.  You would be proud.

Our love,

Greg and Adam


I remember.....  / Kim Harder (Sister)  Read >>
I remember.....  / Kim Harder (Sister)
I remember when the phone rang, 6 years ago today. It was your cell number showing up on the caller ID. I knew it wasn't you, you were to sick to be calling me, laying in that hospital bed, so very far away. I knew what the call was about, I could literally feel the sorrow start to fill my heart......I thought, "maybe if I don't answer the phone, maybe, just maybe, my fear won't become reality" It was Klint. He only said, "He's gone"..............silence.............what do you say when something like this happens? We new this day would come, when you told us the news so many years before. But somehow, there are no words. It didn't hit me right away. The greif came days later, I still feel that greif, but I've learned something along the way. Those times when I catch a glimps of your face in the people I pass on the street, or the scent of you overcomes me in the elevator, when no one is in it but me, or the way a memory of you just pops in my head out of the blue and brings a smile to my face. I know now that those are signs, your letting me know your ok and that your thinking of me : ) I love you Keith, your memory lives with me...... -Kim Close
Six years  / Greg &. Adam (Partner and son )  Read >>
Six years  / Greg &. Adam (Partner and son )

We just got home from visiting you.  It is hard to believe that is was six years ago today at this minute 12:35, that you left us.  You are always in our hearts and minds. 


Adam / Greg Volk (partner)  Read >>
Adam / Greg Volk (partner)

Adam loves high school so much.  Yesterday was a huge day for him and it kept saying how great it was.  You would be so proud.  2nd period his algebra teacher announced he was the only one the got 100% on the algebra test. During advisement he and only 12 other students from the entire school were called down to the principals office and awarded a medal they will wear at graduation (he is only a freshman) for earning a perfect 600 on one of the STAR tests (state test) and his was science. After school the cross country team did their blue and gold run and everyone went crazy about his b & g tie dye shirt.  He then went to the cc pasta feed and to his first football game and to his first high school dance. He is becoming pretty popular.

Today they cc had thier "Running with the Warriors."  It was at the college and the college runners ran with them. He came in with the first group beating even some of the college running. His coach said they his easy training is over now they saw what he can do.

Great grades great athlete.  You wouldn't be prouder

Our heart felt sympathy  / Greg &. Adam (partner and son )  Read >>
Our heart felt sympathy  / Greg &. Adam (partner and son )

Those who mean the most to us
Are never really gone.
For in our thoughts and in our hearts
Their memory still lives on
So may you find that passing time
Can somehow help to heal
Those memories will ease the loss
And sorrow that you feel


Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and in the days to come.  We are very sorry for your lose but know that Ellen is now with Keith.  We know he was waiting for her to take her heaven.  We are sure he was the one that gave angel wings to her and we are sure he made a production of it.  You know how grand Keith liked to make things.

All our best

Greg and Adam



Please keep an eye on your Mom...she's new there  / Cousin Laurine   Read >>
Please keep an eye on your Mom...she's new there  / Cousin Laurine
We were able to have your Mom here on earth until yesterday afternoon. This was possible primarily because of your Dad's loving and compassionate care. It is your turn now to watch over her Keith. i know you will dear. God Bless you two and all of ours who have gone before. Love you both. Close
Mom's welcome into heaven  / Kim Harder (Sister)  Read >>
Mom's welcome into heaven  / Kim Harder (Sister)



Hi Keith

My wish is that as Mom left us here on earth today you were there waing for her when she made her way to where ever it is she is traving to.


I Love you both so very much.



Keith, he's a teenager  / Greg Volk (Partner)  Read >>
Keith, he's a teenager  / Greg Volk (Partner)
Well Keith they told us time would fly and now Adam is 13 and boy he is all teenager. Time has flown so fast I was not able to keep all his activities posted but he had a bigger then big birthday. The morning of his birthday he had two basketball games (they won both). After the first game the team celebrated with huge cup cakes with basketballs. Basketball is over now and his team won fist place. We then had to run to Salida for his European meeting where we had two full sheet cakes and over 80 people to sing to him. Sunday anothter full sheet cake at church and we did flowers as I knew that you would want that. Adam spent this past week trying out for the track team at school and they posted the team yesterday. Out of over 100 he made the team. Now we have track meets. From drama to sports. We went to Michele's show last night. She did "Noises Off" and dedicated it to you because she knew you always wanted to do the show. It was a lot of fun. Adam has a special basketball clinic in Mei and one in Juni with a group from Southern CA. Seems it does't matter how artistic we both were sports is his love and passion and he is so happy. Two more weeks before confirmation. He will be confirmed at 7:30 PM April 3 at St. Paul's in Modesto. He is a very well rounded young man. He talks of you often and knows you are with him. Love from us both Close
I was wrong....  / Kim   Read >>
I was wrong....  / Kim
I did have another dream about you a few years ago....when you told me to make sure I lock my doors. Close
Wonder what it meant? Do dreans mean anything?  / Kim Harder (Sister)  Read >>
Wonder what it meant? Do dreans mean anything?  / Kim Harder (Sister)

Had a dream about you last night  it took 4 1/2 years to finally dream about you.....wonder why that is??? 

You were still alive but I knew in my dream that it was the last time I'd talk to you or see you. I told you that I'd miss you forever You said "Of course you will" and smiled.......

I WILL miss you forever Keith I Love You. ~Kim

No Day But Today....  / Betty Lee (Disney Friend )  Read >>
No Day But Today....  / Betty Lee (Disney Friend )
Hey Keith (and Keith's family)....
I think about you many times on many days... but today you are especially in my heart. I'm getting ready to go see RENT in Sac. It'll be my first time seeing it on stage. I'm thinking of you not only because it's RENT and I remember how much you loved this phenomenon but because you and Greg were the first to take me to a major theatre production. When you heard I had never seen Les Miserables though I loved the music so much you and Greg sought to correct that 'injustice' and took my boyfriend and I to dinner and to see the musical in San Jose.  To measure your life in anything but love is impossible.  Though I didn't get a chance to see you for many years know that you are always on my heart and mind.... and Today (is) 4 U.    Love  Betty Close
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